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SDCC 2016 Exclusive Mezco One:12 Collective-Dawn of Justice Armored Batman REVIEW


Well, I don't think Batman needs much of an introduction. Almost every kid growing up and adults (including me!) have secretly fantasised about being a crime-fighter like Batman and having a secret identity, cool gadgets and a kick-ass attitude, haha!

But for the uninitiated, Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in his comic book series by DC Comics. The character was originally created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Batman's alter-ego is Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and philanthropist who lives in a fictional city called Gotham City. When he was a child, Batman watched helplessly as his parents were murdered by criminals. Driven by a thirst for vengeance and justice, he swore an oath to protect the city from criminal and those who would do harm. But unlike other vigilantes like Marvel's The Punisher, what makes Batman different is his disdain for guns as well as well as a moral code to never kill his opponent.

What makes Batman truly stand out from other characters in the DC universe like Superman or even the Green Lantern is the fact that he relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, science, logic and detective skills to carry out his mission. He's that one superhero who's always ready with several contingency plans, and the only who knows everyone else's weaknesses.

I also think the reason why Batman resonates with so many readers is because he represents the duality in all of us. Every one has a secret, a secret life or identity that they keep hidden from the public, or even aspirations that they wishes they could set out to do. Batman takes it a step further and showcases in many story arcs the struggle between the two roles he juggles to portray, and leaves us wondering just exactly who is wearing the mask- Batman or Bruce Wayne?

I won't get into the details of the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, because personally for me, the movie came up short on many accounts; although I enjoyed the musical score and Ben Affleck's portrayal of The Dark Knight.

What I will get into detail is the brilliant job Mezco Toyz has done in creating the One:12 Collective figure line, and how by doing so they're really sending a message to other toy companies to buck up or shut up.

I first heard about the One:12 Collective line about two years, and their plans to release a Batman: The Dark Knight Returns figure. Didn't think much about it back then but when I saw the post-production shots, I thought of giving it a shot and pre-ordering one. (even though I initially had my reservations about their pricing for a six-inch figure).

But my doubts were erased the moment I got my grubby paws on The Dark Knight Returns figure. The articulation, the use of cloth on the figure, the accessories as well as the level of detail justified the pricing and I was sold!

The One:12 Collective line is basically a middle-finger to toy companies producing 1:6 scale figures. Mezco is saying "hey you know what, what you guys do, we can make it work for 1:12 scale figures, and it'll be cheaper with better articulation too!" And boy, has Mezco nailed it.

So I managed (by chance) to get this Armored Batman exclusive figure at a local store just before they ran out. And seeing as this is a comic-con exclusive, the figure will definitely be of greater value with time. I've already pre-ordered Mezco's the Dawn of Justice Batman, Daredevil, Captain America Modern Version, Green Arrow and the Punisher Exclusive version. Let's hope they don't ship 'em out all at the same time, or I'll be broke haha.


Armored Batman comes in a very attractive packaging. Its got a translucent cover which can be removed to reveal the actual box. And there's compartments to store away your accessories. Mezco Toyz also gives buyers a zip-lock bag in case you wanna get rid of the box (BUT DON'T!) although you're be nuts to want to do so.



Exclusive Comic-Con logo

FIGURE- 8.5/10

The Armored Batman is as detailed in almost every way possible; right from his helmet to his cape and even the cloth/costume underneath the armor.

Its quite heavy as well compared to other figures of this scale and most importantly its sturdy so there is no fear of damaging the figure when you play around with it and make it do poses.

Check out the armor. Nice job they've done with the scarring effects

The ends of the cape even has that worn out, tattered and battered look like its been to war and back. My wife actually thought it was dirty and she wanted to clean it with a cloth! HAHAHA


Armored Batman is quite articulated- he can certainly strike quite a number of poses although it is somewhat limited compared to The Dark Knight Returns figure. But I think this is because of the armor he's wearing, is weight makes some poses challenging because the figure might fall back . But having said that, I'm glad they made it heavy; gives it an extra-real vibe.


Armored Batman comes armed to the teeth with an arsenal of goods: six alternate hands, grenade launcher with two grenades, kryptonite spear, grapnel gun, hook and cable, wires that help shape the cape in certain poses, a base and stand as well as batteries for the eyes which light up!.


Armored Batman can definitely get into beautiful poses despite the limitations with the armor; its just a matter of playing with the figure and figuring out the best pose which does not look awkward.

VALUE- 7/10

If you ask me, I would say that the figure is a definite must especially if you're a Batman fan. But with it being a exclusive comic-con figure, the price for it can understandably be a little steep. So my advice is get it if you love Batman, but if you're worried about the cost you might rethink your position.

Ebay sellers have already jacked up the price, they have him selling from RM937 (US$209) to over RM1000 (US$224). BigBadToyStore had him for RM490.87 (US$110) but its already sold out.


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