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Mattel Justice League Multiverse Batmobile REVIEW!


No self-styled superhero worth his or her salt is complete without their "toys" or accessories that they utilise to carry out their "heroic deeds".

And Batman is certainly no exception. If anything, the Dark Knight boasts a vast array of accessories that include his Batcave, Batcyles, Batmobiles, Batwings and even multiple suits for different missions.

The Batmobile would probably one of the most iconic Batman accessories in Batman pop culture, and has featured in almost every Batman movie, tv animated series as well as the animated movies.

And the variations of the Batmobiles differ in each Batman story arc or movie production.

Batman had a sleek, futuristic-looking car with bat-wings in the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton. The Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy films saw the use of a more military, tank-like vehicle called the "Tumbler".

The latest Justice League movie saw Batmobile much more faithful to the ones depicted in the comics, albeit the addition of many, many guns, cannons and other weapons on the vehicle itself.

For the purpose of this review, we take a look at Mattel's Justice League Batmobile, which is a snug fit for 1/12 figures- Mezco Toyz, Mafex, Mattel and even SH Figuarts.

Bear in mind that this the more "economical" alternative to the otherwise crazy-ass, overpriced Ultimate Remote-Control version (the latter comes with batteries, an app to navigate the vehicle, smoke panels, lights and sounds!).


Mattel does a nice, solid job here. The vehicle comes packaged in a window box cover, with a little blurb and explanation about the Batmobile at the back.

VEHICLE- 8.5/10

The details on this Batmobile are quite impressive. There are basic layers of weathering, as well the attention of detail with regards to the different parts and functions of the vehicle.

In fact, you won't really realise that its made of plastic unless you're actually holding it in your hands! Even so, its quite, quite heavy.

The two front wheels do rotate side-to-side, as well as the two machine guns in front. The turret next to the driver's cockpit moves up and down a little bit. All the weapons on the vehicle are removable; meaning that you can actually opt for a more classic Batmobile look if you don't fancy having all those weapons on the vehicle.

One of the best features of this figure is the driver's cockpit. You can actually open it up and fit in most 1/12 scaled Batman figures:


This Batm mobile really does wonders and complements your Batman collection; and makes a really good prop to mess around for your Batman set-up.

VALUE- 9/10

There's no two ways about it. At US$74.99 (RM300+) on BBTS, it'll definitely worth every dollar.


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