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My name is Shazwan, and I'm from Malaysia. I've been an avid toy collector for the past 4 years.

I started seriously collecting when I was doing my M.A in the UK. At first, it was just 3.75 inches Marvel figurines. Harmless enough, so they say. Shortly after that, I moved on 1:12 scale figures and by the time I started collecting 1:6 scale figures, I was hooked.

Why collect? There are many reasons. I know some people would dismiss an adult toy collector as someone who's merely reliving his or her childhood dreams and fantasies. But I honestly feel its beyond that. Collecting figures is not a way to connect to the past (or some might say simpler times!) its the ability to appreciate what you collect for not only its aesthetic value but for what they represent to so many people.

I'm a movie/ tv-series and graphic novels buff so many of figures I collect are mostly characters from these "dimensions" so to speak.

There is also the indescribable joy you get when you manage to bag that figure you've been eyeing in toy forums and blogs for so many months! It's also the thrill of the hunt, and how diligent you are in hunting down the desired collectible at the best value for money.

And that moment where you slowly get to unwrap the packaging, slide down the cover and see the figurine and its accessories in all its glory-- pure bliss hahaaha :)

I'll be doing reviews and pictures of the recent hauls I've gotten, but after that I'll move on to the stuff I've collected over the years. And to whoever's reading this, you will realise that I'm nuts for Batman. I probably have more Batman figures than any other character lol.


Being a committed toy collector obviously comes with a price, because carrying out this hobby eats up a lot of moolah, as well your time and attention. It helps to have a good support system, and a partner who understands why you love doing what you're doing.

One of the other challenges is also making sure you don't spend beyond your means, and I hope that this blog helps other toy collectors in that respect. I aim for my reviews to decisively inform a potential collector as to whether that figure is worth the cash that's its being sold for.

Rating system

For the purpose of each review, I'll rate each figure based on several aspects- packaging, figure, articulation, accessories, poseability, and value.

Each aspect of the figure will be rated from a score of 1 to 10:

10-Freakin' awesome!

9- Fantastic

8- Very good

7- Good

6- Not bad

5. Just okay

4. Below average

3. How is this even being sold??

2. Nonsense

1. Why did I review this??

Enjoy the reviews, and please share them and leave comments as well!



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