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Toys, statues, cosplayers and more @TAGCC2018!

I know this is long overdue, but I was caught up with work and personal matters the whole week. I went to the TAGCC (Toys / Anime / Games / Comic Con) 2018 on April 7 (it was on for two days) and was quite impressed at the set up over there.

The event was co-organized by Comic Fiesta, one of South East Asia's leading comic conventions.

There were loads of figures from brands like Hot Toys, Mafex, Prime 1 Studio, XM Studios, Beast Kingdom and even Soap Studies (managed to snap a few shots of their upcoming 1/12 DC and Nolanverse figure prototypes!)

Attendees packed the convention hall as early as 10am, and were dressed to the nines for the occasion.

I appreciated the fact that the there were two event halls dedicated to the event, AND ample space and good lighting for visitors to snap pictures of display figures and statues.

Check out the Hot Toys display booth:

Shiok Toys had a massive display as well, and oh was it ever so glorious!

Medicom toys also had a booth, as well as Beast Kingdom:

Also stopped by Jackal X's booth and snapped some quick pictures. For those who do not know, Jackal X is the brainchild of Penangites Ethan Tang and Aaron Leow.

The duo also run Toypanic, a store in Penang selling collectibles from all over the world.

The characters in Jackal X come from a dystopian, alternate reality where aliens have invaded Earth during World War II and have taken over, capturing humans who are used as surrogate hosts for the aliens to “breed.”

Check out my write-up on Jackal X for Malay Mail.

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that Soap Studios, a Hong Kong-based toy company set up a booth during the convention and showcased their upcoming 1/12 line for the DC Nolan-verse and Arrow-verse figures.

Many have compared the prototypes to Mezco Toyz, but jury's still out on that one. They do look appealing in their vanilla poses, but perhaps my main concern is the quality of the cloth fabric as well as the articulation of the figures.

They also look a little smallish compared to DC figures from Mezco Toyz and Mafex. Let's hope the final products do the characters justice!

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