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Toy Collectors Unite! @ the Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL)

I had the opportunity to go check out a the 4th installment of the Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL), an annual event organised by a collective of toy enthusiasts.

On its Facebook page, the organisers describe CTFKL as a 100 per cent non-profit, independent event catered towards toy collectors.

They say they felt that there was a need for a dedicated toy collectors fair in Malaysia where serious collectors could gather, share their experiences as well as trade and sell their wares.

I was pretty impressed by the turnout on that day- it was a pretty long-ass queue! And those who attended really got into the spirit of things- some families even came dressed to the nines in cosplay outfits, Spider-Man costumes and even Power Ranger uniforms!

While I felt the organisers could have chosen a bigger event hall (it was a tad little cramped) it was overall an excellent showcase of not only the collection of Malaysian toy collectors, but also the sheer dedication and diligence of some in finding, collecting and preserving the rarest of items.

For some, collecting is a number's game, whereby the thrill of it all is the chase, the hunt for that ever-elusive figure (carded or otherwise) but for others its a window back to our lost youth and of simpler times.

I don't know about you, but back when I was growing up, not everyone could afford to buy figures (they were and still are quite expensive).

But ultimately its kind of like a form escapism, isn't it? As you fiddle around with those figures, you imagine yourself transported into another world, one where masked men with claws or flying cyborgs is commonplace.

There was also a segment during CTFKL where cosplay attendees did a fab dance routine on stage! (didn't get to snap a pic of that)

I appreciated the effort taken by the organisers in pulling off such an event. The sense of camaraderie among collectors there was evident; while some were just catching up with old friends and talking shop.

Some were even teaching their children about figures, and the history behind some of them!

I know I'd want my daughter to cultivate a passion for toy collecting, and to appreciate the toys she has so far.

Can't wait for CTFL5!

And I did score a toy haul from CTFKL:

These awesome custom-made carded 3.75 inch figures, made by an Indonesian toy company. They base their character on popular folklore and local/regional pop culture figures.

Loving it!

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