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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Exclusive Yellow/Blue Wolverine REVIEW!


Wolverine (James Howlett, more popularly known as Logan) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American graphic novels published by Marvel Comics.

He is mostly associated with the X-Men and remains of their most famous characters to date.

In recent years however he has been featured as part of many of Marvel titles like X-Force, Alpha Flight as well as The Avengers.

Wolverine is a mutant, a genetically-enhanced human being who possesses keen animal instincts, peak strength and agility, and regenerative capabilities called a healing factor.

But his most iconic characteristic (besides his attitude!) is that he has razor sharp claws which pop out from both knuckles. 

Wolverine has been traditionally depicted as having claws laced with adamantium, a fictional type of unbreakable metal alloy second only to vibranium, said to be the strongest form of metal in the Marvel universe and is what Captain America's shield is made of. 

Australian actor Hugh Jackman played the character Wolverine in a good number of X-Men and Wolverine movies spanning some 17 years, with his latest being the depiction of Logan in a dystopian future where there are no new mutants and our favourite mutant struggles to stay alive. 

The movie relies heavily on material sourced from Wolverine: Old Man Logan, an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics in June 2008.

In the series, Wolverine lives in an alternate future universe designated as Earth-807128, where super villains overthrew the super heroes. 


Wolverine comes in the standard Mezco Toyz packaging for their exclusive figures- smaller box, with no window cover.

The box contains two plastic trays which can be used to store the figure as well as the accessories.


Seeing as this was a Mezco Toyz exclusive, they certainly did not disappoint and armed this Wolverine with plenty of accessories:

- Three Wolverine headsculpts (two masked, one unmasked) 

- eight interchangeable hands

- One mask of Ogun

- One stand

- Ziploc bag

Wolverine can't wear the mask of Ogun, but its still a pretty nifty accessory to have around.

FIGURE- 9.5/10

Wolverine is a fab figure, literally a class unto its own. Mezco Toyz really outdid themselves with this figure. From the stitching of the cloths, the headsculpts, attention to detail right to the articulation of the figure, it really is worth its weight in gold.

I was a little skeptical of their figure being able to top off the Amazing Yamaguchi Kaiyodo Revoltech Wolverine, but all my doubts were assuaged the moment I got this figure in hand. 

He fits well with other Mezco figures, and blends in nicely with Marvel Legends figures as well. Its not surprising he's worth so much in the secondary market right now.

I'm just glad I managed to pre-order him, before the prices went crazy.

I've seen many complaints about the stitching and paint around Wolverine's crotch area, but thankfully mine came out just nice:

His shoulder pads are also removable:

And these are how the three alternate headsculpts look like:

This is how Mezco's Wolverine stacks up next to the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech version:


I was pleasantly surprised at the number of varying poses I could get Wolverine to do. This is without doubt one of Mezco Toyz's most articulated figure from the One:12 Collective line to date.

The cloth fabric does not hinder the articulation in any way; although the joints at the arms and shoulder is a little stiff for my figure. 

The thing I love most about Wolverine is that HE HAS ANKLE PIVOT! Mezco Toyz certainly paid attention and took note about the complaints of the lack of ankle pivot in its previous figures.

Good on ya, guys.


This beast can easily execute a lot of poses, its just a matter of familiarising yourself with the figure's anatomy as well as its strengths and limitations.

VALUE- 10/10

I'm giving Wolverine a full score for value simply because he's a great figure and the prices for him on the secondary market are just ridiculous.

He's selling on Facebook groups and on Ebay from anywhere between US$150 (RM587.77) to US$350 (RM1,371.47).


Check out my previous review of the Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine figure here.

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