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Kaiyodo: Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Wolverine figure REVIEW!


Wolverine (James Howlett, more popularly known as Logan) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American graphic novels published by Marvel Comics.

He is mostly associated with the X-Men and remains of their most famous characters to date.

In recent years however he has been featured as part of many of Marvel titles like X-Force, Alpha Flight as well as The Avengers.

Wolverine is a mutant, a genetically-enhanced human being who possesses keen animal instincts, peak strength and agility, and regenerative capabilities called a healing factor.

But his most iconic characteristic (besides his attitude!) is that he has razor sharp claws which pop out from both knuckles.

Wolverine has been traditionally depicted as having claws laced with adamantium, a fictional type of unbreakable metal alloy second only to vibranium, said to be the strongest form of metal in the Marvel universe and is what Captain America's shield is made of.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman played the character Wolverine in a good number of X-Men and Wolverine movies spanning some 17 years, with his latest being the depiction of Logan in a dystopian future where there are no new mutants and our favourite mutant struggles to stay alive.

The movie relies heavily on material sourced from Wolverine: Old Man Logan, an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics in June 2008.

In the series, Wolverine lives in an alternate future universe designated as Earth-807128, where super villains overthrew the super heroes.


Logan comes in a typical packaging we've seen in the past from the Amazing Yamaguchi line.

The figure is clearly seen in the front window box, and as you unpack it, it comes out wrapped in a plastic tray. What I like about it is that the box is compact which is ideal for collectors who don't have that much space to store items at home, and the fact that it is collector-friendly (meaning you can put him back in the box at any given time).


Wolverine comes with:

- 7 interchangeable hand parts

- 3 headsculpts

- 2 claws

- 1 "slashing effect"

- 1 figure stand, and extra peg joints

I would have given the figure a higher score if Kaiyodo didn't cancel the cigar he was supposed to have come with. (Managed to find a substitute cigar, I mean c'mon Wolvie even has a cigar-holding hand!)


But the absence of the cigar prop, everything else about this Wolverine is PERFECT. I truly believe that Kaiyodo's version is the most comic-book accurate adaptation of the ol' mutant Canucklehead.

Why do I say so? Because they've managed to pin down his exact traits and qualities- the over-the-top facial expressions and stylised claws, the bright yellow-and-blue suit, his stocky and bulky frame, added with Kaiyodo Revoltech's signature poseable joints make for a pretty imposing 1:12 scale figure on your toy shelf/cabinet.

Despite Kaiyodo's many, many joints and body parts, this figure is sturdy and heavier compared to the Deadpool figure they came out with last year. The plug holes and the joints are also of a better quality and do not break or become loose over time.


If there's one thing I've learned to like about the Kaiyodo Revoltech line, its the line's ability to really enable the figures to command the most complicated poses with relative ease.

And especially with this Wolverine figure, there's no fear of breaking the figure while trying out varying poses. The sky is the limit!


No complaints here, just hours and hours of fun reliving my childhood and 90's The X-Men animated series with Wolverine :)


The fact that he's such a good, solid figure and the fact that he costs less than a standard SHF or Mafex figure (in recent times) should be reason enough for anyone to snag him.

Big Bad Toy Store still has him in stock for US$74.99 (RM304.56). Or you can search online for sellers.

I purchased mine from EMT&R Anime Service. Highly recommended seller, and I believe they can still do back orders which means it shouldn't take too long to order and get the figure sent to you via post (depending on which part of the world you're from).


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