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Figma Deadpool (DX Version) REVIEW!


Deadpool a.k.a Wade Wilson is a fictional comic book character, an anti-hero who appears in Marvel Comics.

Created by artist/writer Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool originally appeared in The New Mutants #98 way back in February 1991.

He was supposed to be a super-villain when he made his first appearance and in later X-Men comics, but somehow found his way in becoming the quintessential anti-hero.

Deadpool has been depicted as a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary with similar superhuman abilities as Wolverine- a "healing factor", peak physical strength and agility.

He has earned the moniker the "Merc with a Mouth" because of his dry wit and absurdist behaviour, and the fact that he tends to break the fourth wall in comics.

After a questionable portrayal of the character in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, actor Ryan Reynolds reprised the role to critical acclaim in last year's Deadpool movie.

He is set to portray the character again in Deadpool II.


Right off the bat, Figma scores some goodie points with Deadpool's packaging. I love the fact that it comes in a window panel, collector-friendly box which is compact and sleek.

Once you open up the packaging, you'll see that the figure comes with a tray to store his basic accessories and a small, rectangular box which contains the extra goodies that comes with the DX version.


Figma knocks it out of the park when it comes to the accessories it's armed Deadpool with. Mezco, Revoltech, Marvel Legends, step aside 'cos this bad boy's fully loaded!

I'll get to the list of accessories in a minute but what really distinguishes this beauty of a figure compared to its predecessors is the alternate "boxer-shorts" legs that he comes with.

Its probably the best thing about Figma's Deadpool and what I really like is the fact that you can mix and match the accessories to really replicate and authentic Deadpool that's true to the comics.

Figma's Deadpool (DX Version) comes with:

- 3 Face parts (standard face, glaring face and grinning face) - 14 Interchangeable hand parts (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT!) - 2 Swords - 1 Knife - 2 Handguns

- 1 alternate half-unmasked taco eating headsculpt

- 1 taco prop

- 2 rifles

- 1 alternate leg set

- 2 katanas

- 2 sword sheaths

- 1 stand

- 1 ziplock bag to store away accessories

FIGURE- 7/10

The thing about Figma's latest offering is that you're either going to love the figure or hate it. There's no room for have an opinion dithering between the two. The biggest gripe I can see collectors having with the this Deadpool is scale accuracy.

He is somewhat smaller, shorter and slimmer compared to other figures of the 1:12 variety, and some might find an issue with him posing next to say, Marvel Legends or Mezco figures.

But for me, I like his size and I'll show in this review how posing him along with Marvel Legends figures isn't really an issue.

Another issue (at least for my figure) is that the shins connecting the lower half of Deadpool's leg joints to the rest of his legs was really loose, so much so it kept popping out while I was messing around with him. But I found a simple solution for that- I just put some cotton around the opening of the joint in question, and that pretty much solved the issue.


Having said that, this Deadpool is one sturdy figure and is ready to let loose! It pretty much has ball joints almost everywhere and a nice ab crunch. There's also some sweet ankle pivot action, which basically means this guy can give Revoltech's Amazing Yamaguchi line a run for its money.

Personally, I feel like the people in Figma took a hard look at what its competitors had to offer (Marvel Legends and Revoltech) in the Deadpool line and came up with a product that incorporates the best of these two lines, and yet somehow manages to make it their own.


I spent literally the whole afternoon just taking my time appreciating this figure, and trying out different styles and poses. It is definitely satisfying to have a product in hand that fulfills almost criteria for an articulated figure.

VALUE- 9/10

This figure is a must-have if you're a hardcore Deadpool fan, or just want the figure to complete your collection.

Big Bad Toy Store has him in stock for US$89.99 (RM367.02). I got mine from EMT&R Anime Service, which I highly recommend.


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