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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Daredevil REVIEW!


Daredevil is a fictional superhero who appears in graphic novels published by Marvel Comics. He was created by writer-editor/legend Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, along with some input from Jack Kirby. The character first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964).

Daredevil a.k.a Matt Murdock grew up in the gritty, working-class urban neighbourhood of Hell's Kitchen in New York City. He was blinded by a radioactive substance during an attempt to rescue an elderly man from being hit by an truck.

The radioactive exposure heightened his remaining senses beyond normal human ability which enabled him to attain a "radar sense"- somewhat similar to Spider-man's but more augmented in the sense that he is able to "see" using his other senses.

Daredevil's been recently made popular again, thanks to actor Charlie Cox's portrayal of the character in the on-going Netflix series, and is set to reprise his role in The Defenders, another Netflix series featuring heroes from the Marvel Universe like Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.


Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Daredevil comes with the standard high-quality cardboard packaging. It comes with a slip cover which can be removed to reveal the figure. There are two plastic trays for the figure as well as the accessories.


I'll be giving ol' Daredevil a nine out of ten in the Abah-Geek meter, because unlike some other Mezco figures he comes stacked with a variety of accessories. One of the plus points which makes this figure a must buy is the fact that they not only gave us an unmasked Matt Murdock but also a battle-damaged headsculpt, which is cracked open to reveal half of his bruised face!

Here's the breakdown of his accessories:

- 1 Standard masked portrait - 1 Battle damaged masked portrait - 1 Alternate unmasked Matt Murdock portrait - 1 pair of Billy club holding hands version A (L&R) - 1 pair of Billy club holding hands version B (L&R) - 1 pair of Billy club holding hands version C (L&R) - 1 pair of Posing hands version A (L&R) - 1 pair of Posing hands version B (L&R) - 1 pair of Fists (L&R) - 1 Set of separate Billy clubs - 1 Billy clubs with poseable cable - 1 Sonar posing post clip-on accessory - 1 Display base with posing post

FIGURE- 8.5/10

Right from the unpackaging, you can tell that the figure stays true to the comics-esque depiction of Daredevil plus a few simple but effective twists made by Mezco. The helmet headsculpt is beautifully crafted in a non-nonsense simple design which immediately draws the collector's attention to the pair of horns on the headsculpt, while the battle-damaged version plays well with the bruised effects and will look nice in any "battle" poses with other figures.

I like the fact that Mezco did not make the Murdock head too distinctive or like Charlie Cox, but at the same time you know that its Matt Murdock and not any other character in the Marvel stable.

Its awesome that the figure comes with a holster for his billy clubs and that there is a wired version as well, but I can't help thinking how it would have been complete if it came with a version of where the billy clubs can be combined to form a bo staff.

Even the body type for Daredevil is a different build from the previous Mezco figures like Batman and Captain America. Its slightly smaller and in my opinion more flexible for better control which helps in executing varying poses.


The costume itself does not hinder Daredevil's movements at all. He can pretty much stretch his feet and legs and spread his arms apart with ease, as well as make as much use of his ab crunch.

But there are limitations. His shoulder armor/pads prevent him from being able to stretch his arms all the way up. You can definitely try, but you risk tearing the costume fabric and I don't think you'd want that.

Unlike Mezco's Captain America figure, Daredevil comes with pretty decent swivel around the foot area, which means there are more possibilities in terms of poses which can be executed.


Daredevil is probably one of the most poseable Mezco figures for now. Its crazy how much fun you'll have recreating scenes from the graphic novels or tv series and realise that you've been playing with him for more than three hours!

There are also no issues to worry about, expect being just a little careful about stretching the arms past the limitations of the shoulder pads/armor.

VALUE- 9/10

Daredevil's definitely worth it not only for hardcore fans but for collectors in general simply because of vast array of accessories he comes with as well as how nicely done the figure is in general.

You can still get him at Big Bad Toy Store for US$80 (RM356.12), Collector's Hunt for US$94.13 (RM419) or you can search Ebay for a deal (they've jacked up the prices a notch or two though).


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