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Extreme Sets: Deranged Alley Pop-up Diorama REVIEW


As I mentioned in my previous review, besides having a decent figure, another aspect which can really make a picture stand out is a good, solid background or backdrop display. The tiniest of details can really go a long way in conveying a particular mood or setting of a photo.

So I was browsing through a couple of toy review sites and blogs and came across a review of a diorama by a company called Extreme-Sets. They produce a wide range of pop-up dioramas for 1:12 scale figures which makes it awesome for any collector who collects DC collectibles, Marvel Legends figures, Mezco Toyz or even SH Figuarts figures, as the dioramas should be a perfect match for them.

So I went online and got their Deranged Alley Pop-Up Diorama from Big Bad Toy Store, and I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it.


The diorama set comes with six panels and two dumpsters, and it is packaged nicely in a large box, which makes it very convenient for collectors to store it away when they aren't using them.

The panels are made up of heavy-stock cardboard, so it is quite sturdy and they shouldn't tear that easily. BUT you should exercise some caution when putting the panels together and not exert too much force when attaching them.

There are pegs at the end of some of the panels which can be used to attach them to other panels

How the dumpsters look like once they are assembled

Once assembled, we can start testing them out with some figures :)


The diorama set nicely compliments all 1:12 scale figures and is a must-have for serious toy photography enthusiasts. The only setback perhaps is its price. But then again, you are paying for a high-quality product. The artwork and design is simply amazing.

It would have been nice though if they had included a base for the panels. Perhaps its something to consider for future releases?

You can purchase the Deranged Alley Pop-up Diorama at Extreme-Set's official website or at Big Bad Toy Store for US$39.99 (RM178.98).

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