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Hot Toys - MMS342 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - 1/6th scale Batman Collectible Figure REVIE


Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in his comic book series by DC Comics. The character was originally created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Batman's alter-ego is Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and philanthropist who lives in a fictional city called Gotham City. When he was a child, Batman watched helplessly as his parents were murdered by criminals. Driven by a thirst for vengeance and justice, he swore an oath to protect the city from criminal and those who would do harm.

But unlike other vigilantes like Marvel's The Punisher, what makes Batman different is his disdain for guns as well as well as a moral code to never kill his opponent.

What makes Batman truly stand out from other characters in the DC universe like Superman or even the Green Lantern is the fact that he relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, science, logic and detective skills to carry out his mission. He's that one superhero who's always ready with several contingency plans, and the only who knows everyone else's weaknesses.

I also think the reason why Batman resonates with so many readers is because he represents the duality in all of us. Every one has a secret, a secret life or identity that they keep hidden from the public, or even aspirations that they wishes they could set out to do. Batman takes it a step further and showcases in many story arcs the struggle between the two roles he juggles to portray, and leaves us wondering just exactly who is wearing the mask- Batman or Bruce Wayne?

After toying around with the idea of getting this figure (mainly because of the killer price tag), I finally went ahead and got it. And I'm GLAD I did, although I did have my initial reservations (from personal experience, Hot Toy either delivers on all levels or falls below the mark). But thankfully I've had mostly no complaints with my other Hot Toys figures.

Hands down, this figure is THE BEST Hot Toys figure I've gotten in a long time. It was such a joy playing with him and posing Batfleck, so much so I'm making this a two-part review!


Batman comes in a simple yet sleek and elegant collector's box, complete with the dark, brooding colours atypical with what you've come to expect with Batman as well as Ben Affleck's portrayal of the superhero.

No frills, but Bats looks elegant in his display tray:


Finally, Hot Toys gives us a Batman figure befitting of the comic book character! This Batman is ripped, yet it does not hinder his articulation. There have been some complaints raised about the texture and tone of his suit, and how it should be a shade or two lighter. Personally I like it the way it is and it really off that imposing look.





Look into my eyes...

Batfleck with his predecessors


Hot Toys was generous with this figure as Batfleck came with just enough accessories from the movie. He comes with:

Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms

One (1) grapple gun with interchangeable tips One (1) grenade gun Four (4) Batarangs One (1) Batman symbol branding iron Specially designed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand with Batman nameplate and the movie logo

If there's a complaint to be made, it'll probably be just one thing: the grapple hooks for the grapnel gun are too loose, and have problems staying in one place for poses. But other than that, its all good :)


Batfleck can bend, flex, and then bend some more. This figure is made for different kinds of poses, and the awesome thing is that his suit doesn't really hinder his movements (unlike the Dark Knight Rises Hot Toys version).


The figure can pose almost any stance you want it to; the only limit is (well the figure's limitation-fabric, joints) and your imagination. MORE POSES in PART 2 of my review later.


The reason why I'm giving this Batman figure a 7 out of 10 is simple. Do I think the figure is a must-add to your 1:6 scale collection? YES.

BUT at the same time, Batfleck does not come cheap, and while this lifestyle/passion/hobby is a commitment, you should only get it if it falls within your purchasing limits. If its too expensive, it'd be best not to get it....

....But of course you'll be missing out on what is possibly one of Hot Toy's best works for 2016! ARGGHHH

Ebay has him for over US$312.64 (RM1,400) while Big Bad Boy Store had him for US$234.99 (RM1,052.29) <PRE-ORDER SOLD OUT>


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UP NEXT: Batfleck takes on The Joker, Deadshot, Norman Rheedus and...Matt Damon????!!!!

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