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Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles MMS220- The Wolverine 1/6th scale movie masterpiece figure REVIEW


"I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do isn't very nice."- James Howlett/Logan, Wolverine.

Wolverine (James Howlett, more popularly known as Logan) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American graphic novels published by Marvel Comics. He is mostly associated with the X-Men and remains of their most famous characters to date. In recent years however he has been featured as part of many of Marvel titles like X-Force, Alpha Flight as well as The Avengers.

Wolverine is a mutant, a genetically-enhanced human being who possesses keen animal instincts, peak strength and agility, and regenerative capabilities called a healing factor. But his most iconic characteristic (besides his attitude!) is that he has razor sharp claws which pop out on both knuckles.

Wolverine has been traditionally depicted as having claws laced with adamantium, a fictional type of unbreakable metal alloy second only to vibranium, said to be the strongest form of metal in the Marvel universe and what Captain America's shield is made of.

But in a X-Men story arc in 1993 called "Fatal Attractions", Magneto tears the adamantium out of Wolverine's skeleton and for a time had his healing factor diminished. As a result, his claws underwent a change as well and every time he popped his claws, bones came out from between his knuckles.

But no worries, Wolverine has since retained his adamantium claws (although I forget when it happened). But for me, the classic depiction of Wolverine will always be the cigar smoking; brawling canucklehead with the claws.

In 2013's The Wolverine, Logan (played by Hugh Jackman who has been playing the character for all the X-Men and Wolverine movies) travels to Japan where he engages an old acquaintance and battles new enemies. Stripped of his healing factor, this movie showcases an actual battle with the villain Silver Samurai.

Personally, I found to be movie to be just okay, watchable but forgettable. I felt that there many more story arcs in Wolverine's storied history which could have been explored; and it was quite a shame that there was little references or cameos by other X-Men or staple Wolverine characters.

So why did I get the Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectibles version of this figure? Simply put, I really really liked the figure despite the odd decision to not feature Wolverine in any of his traditional outfits. Having said that, the figure is pretty cool because you get not only his adamantium claws but also the alternate bone ones as well!

The figure was released about two years ago, but I snagged me a MISB (mint in sealed box) version some months back at a very good price. (I won't kiss and tell, haha).


Wolverine comes in a nice atypical Hot Toys shoe-box, with a simple black-and-white design in the front. Inside, there's compartments within the plastic tray that functions to fit in Wolverine and all his accessories.

FIGURE- 7.5/10

I know there have been some complaints with collectors who have reviewed the figure before; namely with regards to the headsculpt and the lack of its likeness to Hugh Jackman. BUT to be fair to Hot Toys I think they did a pretty accurate depiction of him in "The Wolverine" movie and not necessarily how Jackman looked like in other X-Men and Wolverine movies playing this character.

The body is pretty good and I like how they've made to capture his hairy, veiny arms like in the movie. If I had one suggestion for an improvement, I would suggest that they make the figure slightly bulkier.

One issue I had though is that I had some trouble getting the figure to stand properly without him falling flat on his face. After going through several poses, I managed to figure out his good stances where he could stand still without falling.

I would also urge extra caution when removing his hands from the arm pegs as too much force will break it.


Unlike some other Hot Toys figures, this Wolverine can slice and dice with the best of 'em. His arms move all the way up and 45 degrees sideways. His feet can stretch pretty far apart, and the figure is quite sturdy, so no worries about breaking any joints/limbs.


I was very pleased with the accessories Hot Toys/ Sideshow Collectibles provided with this figure, given the fact that you wouldn't expect much from a character like Wolverine who does not usually use weapons. This figure comes with two sets of clawed fists (adamantium and boned), one set of fists, one set of relaxed hands, and one set of hands for holding his katana and sheath.

He also comes with two sets of costumes- black overcoat, black blazer, black shirt, black tie, one pair of black pants with black belt, one pair of black socks, one pair of black shoes AND one white vest, one pair of grey jeans with belt with one pair of brown boots.

He also comes with an engraved metal katana with its sheath, as well as a figure stand with "The Wolverine" nameplate and the movie logo.

Bone Claws!!


This figure is very poseable; I had a kick-ass time fiddling around with him and getting him at the best angles I could think of. The claws (both bone and adamantium) are a beauty, as is the katana. And to be fair he does look slightly more bulked up when he's wearing the shirt.

VALUE- 8/10

This Wolverine is definitely a keeper for fans and collectors alike. But I'd scout around Ebay first for a deal- they're selling him there from between RM600 (US$134.21) to RM1,000 (US$223.69). Big Bad Toy Store is selling him at RM925.35 (US$206.99). X-L Shop has him for RM680 (US$158.11).


Liked my review? Had a different take on it? Leave a comment and let me know! :)

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