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Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Deluxe White Ninja REVIEW!


Articulated Icons is a kickstarter project by the creative peeps from The Fwoosh, a one-stop website for anything related to toy reviews or news of upcoming figures.

The Feudal series is the company's first wave of super-poseable action figures of the 1/12 scale. There are about 15 different types of figures in the Feudal Series, with one common binding theme- they're all Ninjas, with varying colours, headsculpts and gear.

What's great about this line of figures is that they really add a level of depth to your figure collection, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the role these ninjas can play in either photoshoots or layout designs.

What I've seen other collectors and reviewers do (for those who backed the kickstarter project) is use the ninja figures as "henchmen" for villains or as enemies for characters like Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Fist or even the Punisher.

But what drew me to this line (and especially the Deluxe White Ninja figure) is the fact that it boasts a ton of accessories, and different headsculpts and parts which can be used for customising! What I've seen some people do is also utilise the ninjas as a base and turn them into G.I Joe figures.

Pretty sweet right? Am really glad I managed to get my hands in this figure simply because its not easily attainable and the Ebay prices for them have skyrocketed.

There have been some minor QC complaints but so far I've not come across any noticeable issues with mine.


The white deluxe ninja comes in a slipcover box case, complete with a tray to store the figure, a rooftop diorama and a "dojo" backdrop.

It also comes with a plastic zip-lock bag which is used to store the many accessories it comes with.


The only other figure which scored a ten out of ten in the Abah-Geek-o-meter was Mezco Toyz's Fully Loaded Punisher.

Simply put- if you're looking for a ninja figs who boasts of plenty of weapons, look no further. I'll try and list 'em all down here (forgive me for any errors in weapons' terminology).

Deluxe white ninja comes with:

- 3 headsculpts (1 old man, two masked ninjas)

- 1 devil's mask, two hoodies

- 1 red scarf

- 2 katanas and sheaths

- 3 shuriken

- 4 pairs of interchangeable hands

- 1 strap

- 1 bow

- 1 arrow

- 1 harness with arrows

- 1 sickle

- 1 sai

- 1 knife

- 1 staff

- 1 modified staff with blade

- 1 rooftop diorama

FIGURE- 8/10

There aren't many figures that imbue just the right amount of functionality, simplicity and nostalgia. The white deluxe ninja manages to do all three almost effortlessly.

Fiddling around with the figure made me remember and appreciate why I got into toy collecting in the first place. I can't remember the last time hours just flew by without me realising that it was spent just having fun- getting the figure in various poses, changing the accessories. Sometimes I think in the never-ending chase for new releases, we tend to forget as collectors why we started well..collecting in the first place.

And sometimes its okay to take a step back, and just chill and reflect.


1. Its really easy to change the hands, and there's no worry about breaking the pegs or joints.

2. The figure scales just about the height of the average Marvel Legends figure, which puts it at roughly the same height of a Mezco figure and slightly taller than an SH Figuarts figure.

3. White Deluxe Ninja gets a tick of all the boxes in the articulation section- ab crunch, waist swivel, knee and feet articulation- you name it, the figure has it.


1. One of the horns on the devil's mask for my figure tore after a while, despite the fact that I've been extremely careful when handling the figures and any parts which could be breakable

2. The pair of hands meant for gripping weapons becomes loose over time, meaning that the figure may not hold some weapons as well as he can for others.


Deluxe white ninja has the acrobatic chops of what you'd expect from a really good Marvel Legends figure, but perhaps not as bulky. And I like that. The Fwoosh really paid detail to the build of the figure, and having it not so bulky adds layers and depth to it.


Posing this guy is enjoyable. I'll just let the pictures do the talking :)

VALUE- 9/10

If you weren't one of the backers for this kickstarter project, or if you missed a chance to get the figures during The Fwoosh's Labour Day weekend sale last month, chances are you'll have to wait until they start selling the figures again.

Or you can try your luck on Ebay...but be warned, the prices are ridiculous. I managed to get mine during the Labour Day weekend sale for US$57 (including shipping) which is roughly RM241.


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