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Mafex Deadshot figure REVIEW!


Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, usually as an adversary of Batman or the Justice League.

The character created by David Vern Reed, Bob Kane, and Lew Schwartz first appeared in Batman #59 (June 1950).

Traditionally portrayed as a supervillain for hire, Deadshot has in recent times taken on the role of an antihero or vigilante, largely due to DC's repositioning of the character in last year's Suicide Squad, in which Deadshot was played by actor Will Smith.

Deadshot does not possess any superhuman powers, but is known to be one of the best marksmen in the DC Universe. He has claimed to have never missed an intended target, and is well-versed in the use of different types of weapons.

His tools of choice, however are a pair of silenced, wrist-mounted guns.

IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time ranked Deadshot as #43.


Like my previous review of Mafex's Knightmare Batman, Deadshot comes packaged in a slipcover box designed for collectors where you can store the accessories if you do not want to use them or put them on display.


I know that there's a lot of online delbate about whether Mafex did a better job of coming out with a Will Smith Deadshot, or whether Bandai's SH Figuarts takes home the crown. I've seen pictures and reviews of SHF's version, and I have to say-- having the Mafex one in hand as well as the accessories that come with the figure, its a win for Mafex.

I'll get to the figure in a second, but in terms of accessories, I dare say that Mafex sets the bar for what toy companies should do when they release figures-- give out plenty of accessories. Don't be a douche, yo.

While the SHF one is slightly shorter and comes with alternate hands, an unmasked headsculpt and only the rifle (the other guns are welded on the figure), Mafex Deadshot boasts a killer range of accessories:

-1 Deadshot figure

- 2 headsculpts (Masked Deadshot and unmasked Will Smith)

- 12 interchangeable hands

- 1 rifle

- 3 handguns

- 1 army combat knife

FIGURE- 7/10

I haven't the foggiest idea who's been whispering into the ears of Mafex's production team, but it seems like they're finally taking all that criticism and delivering figures that they can be proud of. I swore off Mafex before this, but after Knightmare Batfleck and Deadshot, I'm changing my mind and giving them another chance.

Why? Because this figure is quite possibly the best 1/12 scale Deadshot in the market right now. The figure is quite sturdy, and paint job is top notch. Will Smith's likeness is spot on, and did I mention the guns? The best part is that you can store ALL the weapons on the figure. Suck on that, SHF.

BUT, that being said, the figure still has some quality control issues that Mafex should take heed moving forward before they start coming out with their Justice League line and Dark Knight figures.

The clips for the rifle on the figure came out while I was messing around with it (but it can be put back on without much hassle). The 'hook' which connects the shoulder pads to the body armour also pops out every now and again. But it isn't broken; it just gets slightly annoying having to put them back in after a few poses.


Other than the minor QC issues, perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this figure is its articulation. Deadshot excels waist-up; there are no issues with moving the ball joints or getting nice poses. He even has a nice ab crunch which is not hindered by the body armour.

The real issues starts below the waist, where the joints for his thighs and knees are quite stiff. They can bend and perform some basic kneeling poses, but there is a fear of breaking the figure due to the "click-clacking" sound the legs make every time there is an attempt to move the joints.


Despite the shortcomings in terms of articulation, I'm ranking it pretty high in the poseability department as it is able to executes some good poses fairly well. The fact that the sculpt and build of the figure looks so nice, that kind of makes up for its limited articulation.

VALUE- 9/10

If you're looking to start or complete the Suicide Squad movie line, or if you're a Deadshot fan, then getting this figure should be a no-brainer. If Deadshot is a sign of things to come for Mafex, I'd say they could just provide a proper challenge for SHF just yet.

Big Bad Toy Store has him up for pre-order for US$49.99 (RM214.13).


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