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Custom 'Hallway' 1:12 scale diorama REVIEW


Hey everyone, its been awhile since I've posted any figure reviews, have been busy with personal/work-related matters.

This week I'm reviewing a custom base "Hallway" diorama for 1:12 scale figures by Mr Kal-El. I've reviewed his previous work before; you can check it out here.


The material for the diorama is made out of foam board, which is then held together by mini-magnets at the base.

There are essentially five parts to the diorama- the ceiling, floor base, side doors and the elevator door.

You'd be absolutely bonkers not to appreciate Kal El's dedication to his craft. The sheer amount of detail and effort taken to make the floors look as authentically wooden as possible, the crack on the walls and the dirty, weathered painted look of the walls should be testament enough to this dude's mad talent and skills.

I mean this doesn't look like a 1:12 scale diorama, it looks like the freakin' real deal!


The "doors" for the elevator is removable, meaning it can slide open, which leaves quite a lot of room for poses and set-ups for your figures.

Two of the four "apartment" doors are also removable, and you can definitely work out something with that. The only thing the diorama set does not come with is lights (but you can easily buy them at any local electrical store).

Check out some of the possible poses:

Kal El is contactable via his Facebook business page, ZyroszDio. He'll be able to give you the estimated cost for the diorama as well as delivery charges.

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