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First look at S.H Figuarts Star-Lord and Hot Toys Star Lord!

Boys and gals, it's going to be tough fiscal year for us collectors. Just when Mezco Toyz finally gave us some breathing room after a few months of release after release, both Bandai and Hot Toys teased us with images of their Star-Lord figures!

Well, I'm glad I managed to resist the urge of grabbing the Hasbro Marvel Legends version of Star-Lord in the local Toys R Us. (was so tempted to grab him this week!) 

But I think what's great for the Bandai S.H Figuarts line is that with Star-Lord coming out, we can definitely expect Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy at some point.

I JUST HOPE THEY DON'T MAKE IT A TAMASHI NATIONS EXCLUSIVE and jack up the price! One can hope (runs to break piggy bank).

For Hot Toys, judging from the images released by the company, I'd say they're planning on releasing two versions- a regular one and an exclusive one. The regular one will feature Star-Lord and his usual gear, while the exclusive one will feature an additional coat, a variant helmet accessory as well as a baby Groot!(?)

Will update you guys once I get more deets. Till then, enjoy the pics!

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