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First look at the Mezco One:12 Collective Wolverine figure

After teasing us with the pre-Toy Fair 2017 unveiling of the Wolverine figure, Mezco Toyz has finally released more prototype pictures and has started taking pre-orders for the figure!

Personally, I appreciate the fact that Mezco listened to the complaints and concerns of collectors regarding Wolverine's uniform, or more specifically his "biker shorts." If you take a look at the updated pictures and compare them to the Toy Fair ones, you can just about make out a minor alteration to the figure: his brown shorts are now just a little shorter, but boy does this make a difference!

But is it enough to convince fans to get the figure? Only time will tell. I know I'm PO-ing this bad guy, but in terms of One:12 scale Hasbro's Marvel Legends line has been doing a stellar job churning out several Wolverine figs for a fraction of the price that Mezco is putting out.

However, in terms of quality and overall awesome-ness, you really can't beat Mezco's attention to the little details which really bring out the best in their figures from the One:12 Collective line.

Pity he doesn't come with an unmasked head. Oh well, I can just swap him with Mezco's Old Man Logan's head haha :)

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