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First look at : Hot Toys 1/6th scale Netflix Punisher figure!

Hot Toys has finally revealed their upcoming 1/6 scale figure of the Netflix Punisher figure, as portrayed by Jon Bernthal in the Netfliz Daredevil series!


1. Headsculpt looks just like Bernthal, and plus points for the added on bloody/bruised effect. Beautiful.

2. Coat is removable, and figure looks well-articulated.

3. Look at that MACHINE GUN! 

4. The design of the skull piece looks very sleek, a combination between Thomas Jane's Punisher and Ray Stevenson's portrayal of the character.


1. The figure only comes with one headsculpt. Which is a pity. Wished it came with more options.

2. I don't see a holster for his revolver or any of his other weapons. I hope they do come with at least one holster.

3. Hot Toys should equip the figure with more weapons. I mean it is the Punisher we're talking about here. Such basic accessories will not do.

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