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Hot Toys teases Netflix Punisher 1/6 figure!

Good and bad news for Punisher and Daredevil fans.

The good news: Hot Toys is coming up with a "highly detailez, 1/6th scale Punisher figure based on the character portrayed by actor Jon Bernthal in the Netflox Daredevil series.

The bad news: It's definitely gonna cost ya. So start emptying those pockets, haha!

I think I will get this figure (however it looks like) when it opens for pre-order (already pre-ordered Netflix Daredevil). 

Does this mean more figures from the Netfliz series are on the way? 

Please give us Jessica Jones. Stick. Or Elektra.

Heck, a Luke Cage with a diorama sounds splendid.

Till then, I'll keep staring at this poster and contemplate on the many possibilities.


Picture copyright of Hot Toys.

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