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Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective UPDATES on new figures, accessories

Mezco Toyz have released more sneak images of their upcoming figures for the One:12 Collective line, this time including the planned accessories for each of the figures.

Here are The Abah-Geek'z thoughts on the matter:


  • I like the fact that Classic Iron Man comes with unmasked Tony Stark headsculpt, similar what Hot Toys, SH Figuarts and Mafex have done for their Iron Man figures in the past. Its also great that he comes with so many accessories and has that light-up feature! But I suspect he'll cost slightly more than the rest

  • Evil Dead II Ash Williams look absolutely dope. And its great Mezco Toyz stayes true to the movie by providing his severed/posessed hand as well as the book of the dead

  • I wasn't sure what to expect for Popeye, but the fact that he's getting two headsculpts, and a spinach can puts him in my YES list!


  • Netflix Daredevil seems to be coming up a little short in terms of accessories. No variations to the billy club as well as just another masked headsculpt? Would like to see a Charlied Cox unmaskes headsculpt as well as more variations to the billy club

  • Same thing with Dawn of the Dead zombie figures. Perhaps for the two figures Mezco Toyz could include a diorama set or background? (PLEASE make it so!)

  • Wolverine needs an unmasked Logan headsculpt smoking a cigar! 

Other than that, I know what I'm doing for the next few months *empties wallet* hahahahaaha!

All pictures copyright of Mezco Toyz.

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