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Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman promotional images!

Hot Toys has released promotional images of their upcoming Suicide Squad version of Batman, and this time JUST to tease us further, they're making it a limited edition figure!

From the first look at the figure, I can say it pretty much looks like the BvS Dawn of Justice version except that they used a whole new cape for the Suicide Squad Batfleck.

Its much bigger and "flowy", and the ends of the cape look retrofitted with wires to give it that stretched out look and feel, like Batman's gliding from the top of a building and swooping down to take out a villain.

Being a limited edition figure, I'm pretty sure the pricing with be quite a pretty penny. Not sure about anyone else, but I'd hold pre-ordering this until and unless I see more deets. 

Give us an unmasked Batfleck headsculpt! :)

All pictures copyright of Hot Toys.

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