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BREAKING: Mezco Toyz pre-Toy Fair 2017 press event figure reveals!

Just when you thought Mezco Toyz couldn't come up with anything else that could leave us speechless, they go above and beyond and leave us awestruck and wishing that the pre-order was available RIGHT NOW!

There's a snowstorm in NY, but that didn't stop the good guys and gals from Mezco Toyz to tease us with whole list of possible One:12 Collective figures in the works for 2017 and 2018.

The Abah-Geek couldn't be there in person to cover the press event, but I managed to catch live stream of the event on Facebook and took as many screenshots as I could of the new figures.

The figures that surprised me the most was the inclusion of Popeye (yes, the Sailorman!) and Ash Williams from Evil Dead II. And of course, they blew me away with the prototypes of Wolverine, Netflix Daredevil and 1st Appearance Batman (who comes with an alternate Bruce Wayne headsculpt!)

The press event also confirmed the inclusion of the BvS Wonder Woman in the One:12 Collective line. And the comic book adaptations of Classic Iron Man and Dr Strange is really nice!

The list of new (possible) figures are as follows:

Marvel One:12 Collective

Doctor Strange


Iron Man

Daredevil Netflix TV Series

DC Comics One:12 Collective

Wonder Woman Movie Figure

1st Appearance Batman

Other One:12 Collective figures

Evil Dead II Ash Williams

Dawn of the Dead – Flyboy

Dawn of the Dead – Plaid Shirt Zombie

Popeye the Sailorman

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