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First look at Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Deadpool figure

Mezco Toyz have released preview images of their upcoming Deadpool figure from their One:1w Collective line. And judging from the pics, he does look quite impressive, although I'm curious as to why whether they plan on providing collectors with an unmasked Wade Wilson headsculpt like Hasbro has with their Marvel Legends version.

One concern is that he looks to be a tad bulky; I wonder whether the costume would hinder any articulation or ability to strike some typical Deadpool poses. And I do hope he comes with more accessories than just the katanas and handguns.

Marvel Legends as well as Revoltech (some may disagree) have set the bar quite high forthe 1:12 scale figure. Here's hoping Mezco will blow us away like they have with Batfleck and Captain America.

All pix copyright of Mezco Toyz.

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