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First look at : Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Green Arrow!

The latest news is that Mezco Toyz's One: Collective Green Arrow figure will start shipping end of this month. WHICH MEANS for those of us in these parts of the world, we can prolly expect this figure to reach out grubby, sweaty palms sometime in March (fingers crosses!)

At the risk of sounding a wee bit biased (four Mezco figs and counting!) I really have to say Mezco just keeps setting the bar up higher and higher with each figure release. Granted, there are plenty of grunts, hisses and sighs each time Mezco announces a delay in the release of its figures. But after BVS Batflecks, Captain America and Shadowland Daredevil I think its safe to say is is definitely worth the wait!

Toy reviewer Little Toys Bigger World has already got his hands on the Green Arrow figure and has released some very beautiful shots of Ollie on his Facebook page. Sharing it here so we can all drool and at the same time pester our local suppliers as to when our pre-orders will arrive!

All pix copyright of Little Toys Bigger World, and taken from his Facebook page:

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