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Preview- Hot Toys: Batman Arkham Asylum: 1/6th scale figure

Holy Batfish, Hot Toys is coming up with new and different ways to drain the coffers of collectors worldwide! Lol.

Jokes aside, they just released teaser images of their upcoming Joker figure, and my it is a beauty to behold. Forget Suicide Squad, or Jared Leto's Joker, if there is a definitive Joker figure to get, THIS IS IT.

In many ways, Arkham Asylum's Joker is the most comic-book accurate adaptation of the Clown Prince of Crime, thanks to the multi-talented voice acting by the legendary Mark Hamill. Hamill created the gold standard for the character with his work for the 1990s Batman the animated series.

So who's getting this figure? I know I am! :)

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