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JUST IN! Iron Factory IF-EX14 Ultimate Commander (Optimus Prime) with Alleria

Yes! After months of teasing us with online images, Iron Factory has finally released their IF-EX14 Ultimate Commander figure! And I got mine which I pre-ordered more than half a year ago.

Its basically a Legends scale (3.75 inches) War Within/Cybertronian version of Optimus Prime. The cool thing about Iron Factory is that they've managed to produce a lineup of this scale without compromising the articulation or ability to play around and do poses. And the pricing is quite affordable too!

This Optimus comes with a regular mode and can transform into his "God-Bomber" mode. I haven't opened him up yet but the figure looks very promising.

Oh, and because I pre-ordered, I got the Alleria figure for free! :)

Stay tuned for the full review!

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