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Mezco Toyz: Batman V Superman One:12 Collective Batman REVIEW


Batman is a fictional superhero who appears in his comic book series by DC Comics. The character was originally created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Batman's alter-ego is Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy and philanthropist who lives in a fictional city called Gotham City. When he was a child, Batman watched helplessly as his parents were murdered by criminals. Driven by a thirst for vengeance and justice, he swore an oath to protect the city from criminal and those who would do harm.

But unlike other vigilantes like Marvel's The Punisher, what makes Batman different is his disdain for guns as well as well as a moral code to never kill his opponent.

What makes Batman truly stand out from other characters in the DC universe like Superman or even the Green Lantern is the fact that he relies on his genius intellect, physical prowess, science, logic and detective skills to carry out his mission. He's that one superhero who's always ready with several contingency plans, and the only who knows everyone else's weaknesses.

I also think the reason why Batman resonates with so many readers is because he represents the duality in all of us. Every one has a secret, a secret life or identity that they keep hidden from the public, or even aspirations that they wishes they could set out to do.

Batman takes it a step further and showcases in many story arcs the struggle between the two roles he juggles to portray, and leaves us wondering just exactly who is wearing the mask- Batman or Bruce Wayne?

I honestly thought no Batman figure could top off Hot Toy's #Batfleck but in comes Mezco Toyz and literally gives every decent one sixth scale toy manufacturer a run for their money! The meticulousness and amount of attention to detail for this 1:12 scale Batman figure puts some 1:6 scale figures to shame.

Finally got this figure after an agonising four months wait, and I have to say, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT, because once again, Mezco Toyz has set the bar up higher for toy manufacturers and provided an even bigger avenue for toy collectors and enthusiasts to whet their appetite.


Batman comes with the standard Mezco Toyz packaging, complete with a translucent cover which can removed to reveal the actual box which stores the figure. It also comes with a zip-lock bag to store away your accessories (and there are many!) in case you would want to get rid of the box in the future.


Batman comes loaded with enough accessories to keep even the most demanding collector satisfied. He comes with:

- One regular head

- One alternate angry head

- a pair of fists

- a pair of posing hands

- a pair of holding hands

- a pair of batarang holding hands

- 3 batarangs

- one grappling gun

- one 'bat brand'

- one grappling hook with rope

- one grenade

- one utility belt

- display base with posing post

My only complaint is that they didn't include a Ben Affleck unmasked Bruce Wayne alternate head with this figure. For Knightmare Batman, perhaps?

FIGURE- 9/10

I daresay you will not find many other 1:12 scale figures in the market of this quality and calibre. Mezco Toyz have really outdone themselves with the One:12 Collective Line and by taking their time with the releases, they are really coming out with products that will set the bar for future figures and releases.

The Batman figure is sturdy, but not too heavy, and comfortable enough to handle and play around with without the fear of the joints breaking. At a glance, the figure really does bear a close resemble to #Batfleck, and the quality of the cape and costume is just top notch.

Close up



Battle stance

Posing on stand

Flexing his wings

The batarang can be stored behind his utility belt by hooking it onto a latch

Batarang hands

The Bat-Brand!!!


As figures come, this dude is one articulated son of a gun. You'll really have quite a lot of fun getting him into some intricate poses as well as re-enact famous scenes from the movie.

The only aspect I feel could be improved on is Batman's ability to assume a squatting position. I somehow can't get his knees to bend all the way.


Unlike Mezco's Armored Batman comic-con exclusive (REVIEW HERE!) this Batman figure can definitely strike out more varied poses as he is not constrained by any armor or special gear. The trickier poses would require some tinkering and careful balancing to avoid poor Bats from falling flat on his face, haha!

VALUE- 8.5/10

I'd recommend this Batman figure to any serious toy collector or even just casual enthusiast. The accessories, detail in sculpt and articulation alone should make this baby worth a cool wad of cash. Big Bad Toy Store has him for US$75 (RM337.31) while Ebay has him selling for around US$84 (RM380) onwards.


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