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First look at : Revoltech Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi - Venom

Revoltech is on a roll here. A lot of collectors (myself included!) had their doubts when they teased us with the promo images of their Deadpool figure- partly because how the over-stylised features of Revoltech figures in the past didn't sit well with some toy enthusiasts.

BUT the Deadpool figure assuaged our fears and doubts, and the Revoltech style turned out great for those poses due to the "super-articulated" joints. Check out The Abah-Geek's review of Deadpool here.

But anyway, back to Venom. If the latest promotional pictures online tell us anything, this guy's sheer build is going to rival other figures of this scale (even SHF Hulk!).

Just look at the huge arms. Imposing, deadly- the perfect foe for Spider-man or any other Marvel character!

And judging from the pictures, I think he also comes with interchangeable headsculpts, or face. Yay!

You can head on over to Big Bad Toy Store and pre-order him, although he won't be released until mid-2017.

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